30 May

World clock’s width changes frequently

LXQT’s default panel does not contain a ram monitor and besides, I don’t like its CPU monitor. So I installed Multiload-ng. This widget has fancy colors, and some problem happened to it.
LXQT’s World clock which is located behind Multiload-ng changes its width frequently according to the numbers. This causes instability to Multiload-ng’s color, some color noise appears around Multiload-ng.
According to World clock’s GitHub discussion, the number displayed is controlled by HTML syntax. Therefore, it is easy to set a monospaced font to the clock number like this:

'<font size="3" face="Monospace">'HH:mm:ss'</font>'

This solved Multiload-ng’s color problem.

29 May

change panel’s layer in LXQT

The previous article (lubuntu’s panel keeps in top of all windows) explains how to restrain LXDE’s panel in the bottom layer by editing lxde-rc.xml. A similar method is available in LXQT. The only difference is the ‘name’ property of the ‘application’ tag.

Comment information at the start of application part explained how to find applications’ name property. You can get a window’s properties by running xprop, the first element of window’s WM_CLASS property is what you need. As for panels in LXQT this value is ‘lxqt-panel’. So the entire config information is as follows:

<application name="lxqt-panel" >