search result talks about an “input method selector” in preference menu which was not found on my system. solution: sudo dnf install imsettings-lxde then you can find “input method selector” in preference menu.

I created a fedora VM on Lubuntu host this afternoon. When I reopen it tonight, I found the network icon on the top-right disappeared and the network function failed too. I tried some solutions on the forum but nothing helped. Therefore I stopped to do something else. When I came back to VMplayer and tried […]

I want the panel to stay in the back of other windows instead of hiding. There is such an option in the panel settings but seems not to be working. I managed to do that by editing /home/me/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml Add these lines just before the last line: <application name=”panel”> <skip_taskbar>yes</skip_taskbar> <layer>above</layer> </application> <application name=”panel” type=”dock”> <layer>below</layer> […]

Ubuntu 16.04:Chinese characters display improperly. Old methods don’t work. We need some new methods. For the system: sudo vim /var/lib/locales/supported.d/zh-hans add: zh_CN.UTF-8 UTF-8 zh_CN.GB18030 GB18030 zh_CN.GBK GBK zh_CN GB2312 zh_HK.UTF-8 UTF-8 zh_HK BIG5-HKSCS zh_SG.UTF-8 UTF-8 zh_SG.GBK GBK zh_SG GB2312 zh_TW.UTF-8 UTF-8 zh_TW.EUC-TW EUC-TW zh_TW BIG5 to the file (those lines were copied from /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED) excecute: […]

I’m planning to do some java coding now. So I installed eclipse which allows me to work with both python and java. However I was really annoyed at configuring the pydev console. Firstly, I found I can not interact with the console if I run the script with “run” button. I must activate an interactive […]

Ubuntu booted into emergency mode

I booted my system this morning and found it was forced into an emergency mode like this: I found an answer on which talked about unmounting some device. This remind me of what I did last night. I configured my /etc/fstab file last night to add windows partitions’ infomations there, as well as a […]

I use .htaccess to encrypt “” the .htaccess file is: AuthUserFile /home/.htpasswd AuthName “ceshiyonghu” AuthType Basic Require user ceshiyonghu but when I visited the url, I got a 500 internal server error. I checked the error log (/var/log/apache2/error.log) and find the “AuthUserFile not allowed here” record. To solve this, I added this: <Directory /var/www/test/> Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews […]

I opened an issue about this on github. The problem is: the texts I typed in geany disappeared after I resized the window. Solution: go to VMware’s “virtual machine settings-hardware-display”, uncheck “accelerate 3D graphics”

Go to: C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\VMware\preferences.ini Add this line: pref.vmplayer.fullscreen.nobar = “TRUE” save. Now you will not see the blue edge of the tool bar in full-screen mode. To return to normal mode, press “ctrl+alt” to release the control, then press “ctrl+alt+Enter” to regain normal mode. Ps: I also read someone said that the above line doesn’t work […]

Can’t start firefox, it reports:”Firefox is already running, but is not responding.”. I tried to uninstall, purge uninsiall, wipe mozilla and firefox folds, but it didn’t help. In the end, I found that starting firefox with a completely new profile helped: firefox -p